New Ipad

A New Ipad Purchase!!!

Today was kind of a big day for me, because I have wanted an Ipad for a long time, but never could justify the purchase. I still almost cannot, but I can see more how I can use it in life, and I actually plan to do a lot of work on it where it hopefully will end up paying for itself! Wouldn't that be nice?

I love to write, and am online a lot. I love photograhpy, and these two things, writing and photography seem to be things that will work well with an Ipad. So I took the plunge.

My Ipad 3 is the 16GG version, white body, with a dark grey cover. Its nice looking. I am pleased. Trying to decide now whether or not I want to get a bigger cover that includes a keyboard, as that is how I type best. Its not a Mac product, but they look neat and my husband found this item by seeing it on the news. After further research, we realized it wasn't a Mac product. I think the company's name is Zagg. They look awesome. If you have any thoughts on this product, do share with me. I need to decide soon.

So far, loving the Ipad, after getting it to let me sign on our own WiFi connection. I had some residual connection left over from the store, and after talking to tech support, we realized it was an easy fix. I needed to turn off the WiFi connection altogether, then retry. It worked like a charm. My frustration was abated. Thanks Mac for making a cool product like the Ipad, I am very excited!!

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