Butterfly in the Garden

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Visiting my Purple Phlox Flowers I am posting this beautiful butterfly visiting my butterfly garden that I was inspired to grow from my love of butterflies. Also, I was inspired to grow my own butterfly garden after visiting a butterfly conservatory in Missouri, in Chesterfield. I think its a one of the simple but most beautiful highlights that I will always have in my memory.

Living our Lives - Making it all count.

If I have learned anything over my life, and especially in the last couple of years, it is that life is absolutely precious and short. I recall being told how quick it would go by, especially when I had kids. I tried, therefore, to keep it slow, to take it in, etc. I tried desperately to capture it all as I could, on film, and video and writing things down in scrapbooks, etc. Wow, it still went by quickly. I could barely capture snippets, when all said and done. Many people in my family have passed away over my 42 years on this planet. I think about it in the greater sense, like wow it was relatively short for all of them! Time kept on passing regardless of what anyone did! We are aging and dying, and trying to enjoy things as we can. Without getting overly technical and philosophical at this point (though I plan to later!), this blog is about the little things on the way that were beautiful, hard, worth remembering, or worth enjoying along the way. I say 42 years, but I am not 42 until 3 more days, so I shouldn't push it! Thank you for stopping by. I will post as often as I can, sometimes rather random things or photos. Life IS worth living, no matter how it looks at the moment, no matter how hard things get. I hope people always remember that, and know that things can turn around and get better if we hang in there!