Ostman Elementary School

This is a photo of Ostman Elementary School, in O'Fallon Missouri.

Gymquarters - Gymnastics Place

This is Gymquarters, the place where my son used to do gymnastics at. It was a great place, with great teachers and exposure to learn how to become a great gymnast.

Sticking it out, during a tough time at work

Hard Times Will Come

I am coming out of what has been a tough time at work, and I actually feel rather encouraged. I didn't feel good at all for the last month or so, but it got worse than I expected. Many people know what it is like to work with less than pleasant people. Some know what it is like to be a woman that can deal with petty women in the workplace. Even guys maybe have their share of this, and the drama that can follow.

While some things are in our control, other things are not so much! I wanted to share what I learned these last few weeks that I think helped me, and could help others possibly as well.

First, when you are being treated poorly, try not to fight back too hard. This goes against our natures, and often the treatment was just "bait" anyway! Try not to take the bait. There are some really rotten and borderline psychotic people in the world that can just seem to thrive on going after others that don't deserve it.

Second, don't become what the difficult people want you to be. Be your own person, hard working, focused, positive and doing good to others. You might be surprised who is watching and how a seemingly impossible situation can turn around for a hard working "underdog." I am telling you, it may seem like you are being taken advantage of, even "run over" so to speak, but you still win even if you end up losing when you made good decisions along the way.

Don't panic. This is what I started to, even though I didn't want to, because of this economy. It is hard to find a new job right now! Try to keep the bigger picture in mind, and give people time. They will often come around, and want the better person with good integrity and a hard work ethic around over others.

Don't give up, don't just quit. The change you are so desiring, can be just around the corner! What if you up and walked out one day, and made a decision that you will regret later on. Don't make possibly regrettable decisions, even when you are overwhelmed and feeling week. Let your good sense and patience, and morality take the time to win out that it deserves.

If you are a praying person, pray. Pray with faith! Meditate, focus, relax, and do whatever it takes to take care of you during a hard time. Don't let the idiots in life get you down, and cause you to make bad choices while they seemingly go unscathed. Do what is right, even when it seems like you are losing for it. It matters, and I have seen too many times where if you can hold on, (not during abusive situations of course), do hold on. You might just be surprised!

Feeling encouraged, even though not everything is perfect. Feeling thankful. Thank you God!