Supper With Santa!

Supper With Santa, is a very unique event that takes place at the Butterfly house in Chesterfield Missouri. Santa is simply magical. Children of all ages still love Santa, and the idea of Santa Claus the the happiness and joy he represents. Santa Claus is something children look forward to, and the idea of having supper with Santa has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever heard of. Supper with Santa includes a lot of things. You need to sign up in advance, as the dates in December fill up quickly. For instance, there are only 6 nights of the whole event, to start with. They occur on Saturday and Sunday evenings, the 3 prior to Christmas. Adults can attend, and large parties come together sometimes. You can see grandparents, aunts and uncles come. The cost ranges in price from 15-20 dollars. What comes with this however, are the following. - A small goody bag at the time of entering the building - Many different crafts, including one like you see in the photo above, and certainly not limited to that. - Time with Santa while getting your picture taken with him. - A wonderful catered pasta meal, after walking down a candy cane lane toward the tent in the outside butterfly garden area. - Walking through the butterfly conservatory at night, something very rare that not many get to do! - Learning about other insects besides butterflies, and even getting to hold a hissing cockroach, or feel the larvae! -Face painting with your desired design! These are just some of the things I remember while being there. There was Holiday music playing when we went in, and it was a magical night for sure. I hope to go again and wanted to share the experience with others.

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